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# Posté le: 24 Avr 2013 15:48

Language Recruitment Fair, Cork, 18th May – FREE entrance tickets now available!

Make a date in your diary to visit the Bilingual People Language Recruitment Fair in Cork, at Clarion Hotel, Lapps Quay on the 18th May!

Bilingual People returns to Ireland within 2 months after a very successful event in Dublin we had in March, but this time we return to Cork to cater for the increasing demand large blue-chip and international companies have for bilingual and multilingual candidates in and around Cork!

Our events offer bilingual and multilingual professionals access to hundreds of available positions from leading international companies and recruitment agencies based in and around Cork in employment sectors such as Customer Service, Accountancy & Finance, IT, Sales, Marketing and Translating/Interpreting, plus many more.

This is your chance to meet and discuss employment opportunities with some of the largest recruiters in Cork and throughout Ireland Face to Face!

Popular languages in demand at the Bilingual People Cork event include:

German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Arabic, Czech, Finnish, Flemish, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Turkish.

If you are a bilingual or multilingual in any of the above languages and you are interested in finding a great job that meets your skills this is a 'must-see' event!!

Reasons why you should attend:

• The fair showcases Local & National companies and recruitment agencies that are interested in recruiting people with German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Arabic, Czech, Finnish, Flemish, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Turkish language skills, both for positions in Cork, and throughout Ireland.
• There will be a wide range of positions across many industry specifications including Sales, Customer Service, IT, Tech Support, Accountancy/Finance, Marketing and many more
• You will be able to meet leading employers as well as Recruitment Agencies under one roof, saving you time and energy when looking for your new job!
• You will be able to talk to leading employers and agencies face-to-face and discuss a wide range of employment opportunities.
• Companies and Recruitment Agencies will be conducting interviews hoping to hire staff shortly after the event
• Bring your CV - this is essential and will be requested by most companies and recruitment agencies if you are interested in applying for active jobs
To meet the recruiters in Cork and to claim your free entrance ticket click on this link: natural

We look forward to seeing you there!

Bilingual People

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# Posté le: 28 Juin 2018 07:01

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# Posté le: 10 Juil 2018 02:00

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